Journals on Conflict Resolution, Peace, Mediation, Negotiation

Journals on Conflict Resolution, Peace, Mediation, Negotiation




• African Journal of Conflict Resolution 
South Africa: ACCORD, 1999-
• African Peace Research Institute (APRI) Journal
Nigeria: African Peace Research Institute, 1986-
• Armed Forces and Society Piscataway, NJ: Transaction Pub, Rutgers University, 1975-
• Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal (formerly Australian dispute resolution journal,
1990-1998) Australia: Lawbook Co., 1990-



• Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 
New York, NY: Cardozo School of Law, 1998-
• Civil Wars Taylor and Franicis Group 
Routledge Publishing 
Conciliation Quarterly
Akron, PA: Mennonite Conciliation Service, 1982-
• Conflict and Communication Online
Germany: Unversitaet Konstanz, 2002-
• Conflict and Consciousness: Studies in War, Peace and Social Thought
New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing Inc, 1989-
• Conflict Management and Peace Science (formerly Journal of Peace Science, 1974-1981)
Abingdon, UK: Taylor and Francis, Ltd., 1974-
• Conflict Resolution Journal 
New York, NY: School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, 2002-
• Conflict Resolution Quarterly (formerly Mediation Quarterly, 1983-2002)
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1983-
• Conflict Trends
South Africa: ACCORD, 2000-
• Cooperation and Conflict
London, UK: Sage Pub., Ltd., 1965-
• Crosscurrents Newsletter  Saskatoon, Canada: Greenwich Pub.,



• Defense and Peace Economics London, UK:
Carfax Pub. Co., 1989-
• Dispute Resolution Journal (formerly Arbitration Journal, 1937-1993)
New York, NY: American Arbitration Association, 1937-



• East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights
Uganda: Human Rights and Peace Center, 1993-
• Ethnic Conflict Research Digest  Londonderry,
Northern Ireland: INCORE, 1995-


• Global Change, Peace and Security (formerly Pacifica review: Peace, Security and Global
Change, 1995-2003; and Interdisciplinary Peace Research, 1989-1994)
Abingdon, UK: Taylor and Francis, Ltd., 1989
• Global Governance
Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Pub, 1995-
• Global Society: Journal of Interdisciplinary International Relations
London, UK: Carfax Pub. Co., 1986-
• Group Decision and Negotiation Netherlands: Kluwer
Academic Pub., 1992-


• Hiroshima Heiwa Kagaku (Hiroshima Peace Science)
Japan: Hiroshima Daigaku, 1977-
• Idea: A Journal of Social Issues
Chicago, IL: Krysia Hnatowicz Jacobs, 1996-


• International Journal of Conflict Management
Bowling Green, KY: Center for
Advanced Studies in Management, 1990-
• International Journal of Humanities and Peace
Flagstaff, AZ: IJHP, 1983-
• International Journal of Peace Studies (Formosa College) Taipei, Taiwan: Grassroots Pub. Co.,
• International Journal of Peace Studies (George Mason University)
Fairfax, VA: Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, 1996-
• International Journal on World Peace 
St. Paul, MN: Professors World Peace Academy, 1984-
 International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice
Leiden, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijnoff, 1996-
 International Peacekeeping  London, UK:
Frank Cass and Co. Ltd., 1994-


• Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 
Villanova, PA: Villanova University Center for Peace and Justice Education, 1988-
• Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict
Stevens Point, WI: Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, 1998-
• Journal of Conflict and Security Law (formerly Journal of Armed Conflict Law)
UK: Oxford University Press, 1996-
• Journal of Conflict Resolution
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Pub Inc., 1957-
• Journal of Conflict Studies [formerly Conflict Quarterly (Canada), 1980-1995]
Fredericton, NB, Canada: University of New Brunswick Centre for Conflict Studies,
• Journal of Dispute Resolution
Columbia, MO: University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, 1984
• Journal of Divorce and Remarriage (formerly Journal of Divorce, 1977-1990)
Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Clinical Practice Press, 1977-
• Journal of Peace Education  London, UK:
Carfax Pub. Co., 2004-
• Journal of Peace Research
London, UK: Sage Pub., Ltd., 1964-


• Mediation Channel
• Mediation Quarterly
see Conflict resolution quarterly
• Medicine, Conflict and Survival  Abingdon,
UK: Taylor and Francis Ltd., 1965-
• Minerva: Women and War
Abingdon, UK: Taylor and Francis Ltd., 1983-


• Negotiation Journal 
Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Pub., 1985-


• Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Columbus, OH: Ohio State University college of Law, 1985-
• Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
Tabula Rasa Institute, 1998-
• Peace (India) not enough information to find suitable link
India: Santi Asram, 1928-


• Peace and Change 
Oxford, UK: Blackwell Pub. Ltd., 1972-
• Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology
Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995-
• Peace and Conflict Studies 
Fairfax, VA: Network of Peace and Conflict Studies, 1994-
• Peace and Conflict Studies
Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Nova Southeastern University, 1995-
• Peace and Security (formerly Peace and the Sciences, 1964-1997)
Vienna, Austria: International Institute for Peace, 1964-
• Peace, Conflict and Development 
Bradford, UK: University of Bradford, 2002-
• Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University
(and Peace Science Society), 1993-
• Peace, Prosperity and Democracy
Washington, DC: Blackwell Pub. and the Policy Studies Org, 2001-
• Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace Studies
Brandon, MB, Canada: Canadian Peace Research and Education Association, 1969-
• Peace Research Abstracts Journal
London, UK: Sage Pubs., 1964-
• Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice
Abingdon, UK: Taylor and Francis Ltd., 1989-
• Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
Malibu, CA: Pepperdine University School of Law, 2000-
• Progressive, The
Madison, WI: Progressive, Inc., 1909-


• Quaker Studies 
Birmingham, UK: Quaker Studies Research Assn, Woodbrooke College, 1996-


• Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
London, UK: JAI Press, 1978-
• Restorative Justice Online 


• Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Abingdon, UK: Taylor & Francis Ltd., 1992-


• Terrorism and Political Violence 
UK: FrankCass Pub., 1989-


 Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution 
Salem, OR: Willamette University College of Law, 1992-
• World Affairs 
Washington, DC: Heldref Pubs, 1834-
• World Arbitration and Mediation Report
Huntington, NY: Juris Publishing Inc., 1990- extensive search yielded no useable resource link

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