Research Workgroup

Workgroup members meeting via Zoom, Fall 2020- Spring 2021

Current Research Workgroup Members

Peter T Coleman


Danielle Coon

Andy Chan

Research Associate

Rose Fiorentino

Profile Placeholder Image

Victoria Fitzgerald

Steve Hong

Chelsea Hughes

Rebecca Mandelbaum

Shaun Munroe

Lan Hoàng Phan

Catherine Serianni

Vincent Stueber

Former Research Workgroup Members

Raphaëlle Ayach

Becca Bass

Allegra Chen-Carrel

Angelina Dayfallah

Keerthana Hirudayakanth

Katharina Kugler


Regina Kim

Elisabeth Mah

Elisabeth Mah

Diego Ramos

Margot Rejaud

Sofia-Jeanne Roggeveen

Chris Straw

Chris Straw

Fatma Susan Tufan

Lea Lynn Yen

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