Executive Education

Executive Education

Situated at Teachers College, a top-ranked graduate school of education, the MD-ICCCR is recognized for educational excellence. We offer a wide range of courses for scholar-practitioners in the areas of cooperation, conflict resolution, dynamical systems, and social justice. We develop and provide state-of-the-art instruction, training, and professional development for students, practitioners, educators, and organizational leaders.

We continue to generate additional opportunities for our external educational work with non-profit organizations, agencies, and communities nationally and internationally. The MD-ICCCR is committed to building relationships with a variety of organizations to allow students to gain practical experience. We provide a bridge between the academic community and experienced practitioners as we support and encourage a reflective scholar-practitioner model.

Education Objectives:

  • We offer individuals opportunities to develop the fundamental skills required to be successful practitioners of cooperation and conflict resolution: self-reflection and awareness; communication re: needs and objectives ; negotiation and mediation.
  • We educate future leaders who will further the development of theory and practice in the interrelated areas of conflict resolution, cooperation, and social justice.
  • We seek to increase public awareness of constructive methods for conflict prevention and resolution, of the many forms of oppression, of strategies for overcoming social injustice in families, organizations, and communities worldwide, and for fostering sustainable peace.

If you are interested in some of our courses or your organization is interested in a customized workshop or training, please reach out to us at icccr@tc.columbia.edu

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