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Too often, scholars studying peace and conflict fail to utilize the expertise of highly skilled practitioners in their development of theory, and research often fails to account for what practitioners and policy makers most need to know. As a result, many practitioners of conflict resolution dismiss the contributions from research, particularly when they challenge their own assumptions or approach. 

The MD-ICCCR Science-Practice Blog acts as medium of exchange between scientists and practitioners in the field, where authors from varied backgrounds, interests, and experiences contribute. 

Since 2011, we have scanned the top science journals monthly to identify the most innovative and practically useful research articles on conflict resolution, social justice and peace, and then posted short (300 word) executive summary blogs outlining 1) the problem, 2) the study findings and 3) their implications for practice. We have also invited practitioners to submit blogs on challenges they face in the field where they feel new research is warranted.

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