Education Overview

At MD-ICCCR, our goal is to educate leaders who will further the development of theory and practice in the interrelated fields of conflict resolution, cooperation and social justice with the ultimate goal of understanding and supporting sustainable peace.

To this end we offer a radically new evidence-based approach to addressing conflict called Conflict Intelligence (CIQ). Increasing your CIQ involves developing the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating different kinds of situations effectively and constructively.

Conflict Intelligence

The courses offered by our Center, taken individually either for credit or non-credit or as a step toward one of our Certificates in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, are the building blocks for enhancing your CIQ and in turn, your wellbeing, satisfaction, and effectiveness in the workplace, home, and in the world at large.

Our courses address critical questions such as:

  • How to negotiate conflicts across power differences more effectively?
  • How to mediate more intense or hidden conflicts?
  • How to address conflicts most effectively when working cross-culturally or with other types of intergroup disputes?
  • How to leverage conflict to transform institutionalized bias and discrimination?
  • How to work with more difficult, polarizing, and entrenched conflicts that resist resolution?

Advanced Certificate

When taken on a for-credit basis, students are awarded the Advanced Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution approved by the New York State Department of Education and granted by Columbia University Board of Trustees. These courses apply toward master’s and doctoral degrees.

Practicing Professionals Certificate

Students who complete the program on a non-credit basis will receive the Practicing Professionals Certificate in Conflict Resolution. Granted by the MD-ICCCR, this shows that they have fulfilled all the requirements of the program. These courses do not apply toward master’s or doctoral degrees.

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