UN Training

Training Sessions at the United Nations



The United Nations Consultation and Training Project was started in 1995 to offer training and support in conflict resolution to the leadership and staff of the UN Secretariat. Since that time, we have offered numerous workshops in collaborative negotiation and mediation, as well as cross-cultural training and consultation to all levels of staff and management of the UN, worldwide. Internal consumer satisfaction research on these initiatives has consistently supported their usefulness and popularity. In addition, we have co-sponsored and co-taught courses at the UN with the UN Studies Program and the Center for International Conflict Resolution of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. Participants in this course engage in lively dialogue with top scholars and practitioners and have included the leadership and staff of UN agencies and diplomatic missions including several UN ambassadors.

This is one of many ICCCR initiatives in which we take conflict resolution concepts and skills and tailor them to the particular audience with whom we are working. Ultimately, we operate on the premise that understanding the principles behind cooperative conflict resolution, and learning to develop the skills to apply them, leads to more constructive outcomes for all involved.

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