This week, our teams from the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR), the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity (AC4), and the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NeCR) Master’s program convened in Dublin for the 2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference (IACM).


We had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the international conflict resolution community of scholars and practitioners. Thirteen papers featuring the work of our faculty members, students, recent alumni, and staff members were showcased over the four days of the conference. The sessions included:


  • Cross-Cultural Adaptivity: An Examination of Conflict Resolution Instructional Strategies and Prescriptive Versus Elicitive Training Styles
    Elisabeth Mah; Lea Lynn Yen; Regina Kim; Peter Coleman
  • Action Evaluation: Research Towards Building "Islands of Theory" About Success In the Field
    Jay Rothman; Deborah Sachare
  • Network Goal Analysis: A Tool for Assessing Complex Conflict Dynamics
    Aimee Lace; James Westaby; Peter Coleman
  • A Social Lab Initiative: Organized Leadership and “Organic” Forms of Mediation
    Joan Lopez; Beth Fisher-Yoshida
  • A Culturally Sensitive Approach for The Inclusion of Women with Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Children in Bedouin Society
    Kjerstin Pugh; Deborah Sachare
  • Exploring Team Conflict Dynamics with An Agent-Based Model
    Nancy Lewis; Christine Straw; Peter Coleman
  • Why Women Don’t Ask: An Empirical Study Exploring the Underlying Mechanisms of Gender Differences in the Initiation of Negotiations
    Katharina Kugler; Julia Reif; Felix Brodbeck
  • The Changing Nature of International Mediation 2001 -2021
    Jose Pascal da Rocha
  • Women Negotiating in STEM Professions
    Beth Fisher-Yoshida; Kathleen Banzon
  • Mitigating Accent Bias with Disclosure: How Disclosure Type and Agent Influence Nonnative Accent Evaluations and Decision Outcomes
    Yunzi (Rae) Tan; Regina Kim
  • What Does it Take to Live in Peace? Modeling and Measuring Sustainable Peace for Research and Policy Symposium
    Peter Coleman; Douglas Fry; Geneviève Souillac; Larry Liebovitch; Joshua Fisher; Allegra Chen-Carrel
  • What the Youth Have to Say: Listening as Praxis Ballroom Symposium
    Claudia Gonzalez; Joan Lopez
  • Leveraging Tension for Social Change in the Workplace: Social Identity and Activist Types
    Allegra Chen-Carrel; Rebecca Bass; Danielle Coon; Keerthana Hirudayakanth; Diego Ramos-Ochoa



Elisabeth Mah and Lea Lynn Yen (MD-ICCCR PhD students) present their poster “Cross-Cultural Adaptivity: An Examination of Conflict Resolution Instructional Strategies and Prescriptive Versus Elicitive Training Styles” at this year’s visual presentation session




Chris Straw and Nancy Lewis (MD-ICCCR workgroup members) present their research on agent-based modeling and exploring team conflict dynamics



  Aimee Lace (MD-ICCCR Ph.D. student) presents findings from her work on using Dynamical Network Theory tools to assess complex conflict dynamics




Allegra Chen-Carrel (AC4 Project Manager and MD-ICCCR Ph.D. student), Danielle Coon (MD-ICCCR Associate Director), and Keerthana Hirudayakanth (MD-ICCCR Project Coordinator) present their research on “Leveraging Tension for Social Change in the Workplace: An Intersectional Approach”




 Joan Lopez (AC4 Project Coordinator) shares insights from the AC4 Youth, Peace, and Security Program in Medellin, Colombia





This year’s AC4 IACM fellows receive their awards presented by AC Co-Director Beth Fisher-Yoshida


(left to right) MD-ICCCR Alumni David Johnson, Katharina Kugler, Yunzi (Rae) Tan and Regina Kim





 The team celebrates at the IACM Banquet held at the Guinness Storehouse!