Tuition & Fees

Non-credit Tuition & Fees

3 unit courses:

Adaptive Negotiation & Conflict Resolution; Effective Mediation: Standard & Adaptive Practices; Fundamentals of Cooperation & Conflict Resolution; Conflict & Complexity; Conflict Resolution: Advanced Methods for Identity and Intergroup Conflict; Organizational Internship.

Non-credit cost for a 3 unit course: $3,180


1 unit courses:

Healing & Reconciling Relationships in Conflict; Conflict Resolution in Schools; Constructive Multicultural Organizational Development.

Non-credit cost for 1 unit course: $1,060



The tuition listed above is active for TC Academic Year 2020-2021.

Some courses have a course materials fee in addition to the tuition. If so, this fee is listed when registering for the course.

 We regret to inform you that Teachers College registration policy states you may NOT switch from noncredit to credit or vice versa after completing any of the course.

All fees subject to change.

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