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  • This is an important book that contributes to a new way of thinking and acting in ‚high friction’ contexts. I am convinced its relevance stretches beyond the field of conflict resolution, vast as it is. Anyone who is struggling with ‚wicked problems’, working to introduce radical innovations, building social movements or engaged in transitioning complex […]
  • Featured in Psychology Today James Risen vs. the American Psychological Association by Roy J. Eidelson Place your bets everyone. In one corner stands James Risen, the distinguished New York Times investigative reporter with two Pulitzer Prizes under his belt. In the opposite corner stands the Board of the American Psychological Association, ever ready to protect APA’s reputation […]
  • Featured in Psychology Today 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Any Dispute Why conflict intelligence is vital in any job or relationship. Published on September 2, 2014 by Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D. in The Five Percent by Peter T. Coleman and Robert Ferguson Managing the multitude of conflicts we face daily hasn’t been […]
  • The Global Community Forum Motivated by the challenges of climate change, war, injustice, economic disruptions, and threats to the earth’s eco-system that face people everywhere on our Planet Earth, we have undertaken several initiatives which relate to developing a global community. 1. In 2012, we (Morton Deutsch, Eric Marcus, and Sarah Brazaitis) published a paper […]

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  • by Jen Hull In 2006, President Obama spoke of the biggest deficit in our society. He wasn’t speaking about our large federal deficit, but rather, a deficit of empathy. A recent meta-analytic study of college students shows that he wasn’t wrong—self-reported empathy has made a substantial decline in the past 30 years. Empathy is central […]
    Jen Hull
  • by Ljubica Chatman Climate change is a pressing issue facing humanity today and activists claim that: “To change everything we need everyone.” However, polls report a deep divide between liberals and conservatives, with liberal Americans promoting actions to mitigate climate change and conservatives showing more opposition. These findings often implicitly vilify conservatives, with some prominent […]
    Ljubica Chatman
  • by Kyong Mazzaro Decades of research have taught us much about conflict, escalation, stalemate and de-escalation. However, relatively little research has focused directly on sustainable peace. There is often a basic assumption in conflict studies that a thorough understanding of mitigating the problem of destructive conflict will provide insight into conditions and processes that foster […]
    Kyong Mazzaro
  • By Lauren Catenacci Age and generation can be salient in the workplace, especially when there are currently four generations together in workforce. Perspectives and beliefs about the purpose of work and workplace interactions are shaped by the generation in which a person grew up. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that older workers have stereotypes about younger […]
    Lauren Catenacci

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  • MD-ICCCR Staff, Teachers College Charlott is the Budget Administrator at the ICCCR. She is originally from Finland and earned her Master’s degree from Abo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.  Previously she worked over ten years at Teachers College bookstore and more recently in the Office of International Services. During Charlott’s time at the TC Bookstore […]
  • MD-ICCCR Instructor, Teachers College Robert Ferguson, Ph.D. has practiced psychology over twenty years. As an executive coach, leadership development expert, and professional speaker, he has provided consulting, conflict resolution, mediation, and leadership training to organizations such as Credit Suisse USA, Merrill Lynch, Ahlstrom, Kennametal, KBI Biopharma, Aegon, and many other companies, startups, universities and nonprofits. […]
  • Caitlin is currently our work study at the MD-ICCCR. She is responsible for supporting both students and professors with courses offered by the center. Caitlin is an EdM student in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College with a special interest in educational leadership, critical pedagogy, and conflict resolution in schools. She is also pursuing the […]
  • Senior Vice President, The Fortune Society Stanley Richards has worked in the Criminal Justice field for over 25 years. His work with inmates started while incarcerated in a New York State prison, where he worked as the inmate Director of Pre-Release.  Stanley’s professional experience began in 1991 at The Fortune Society, where he initially worked […]

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  • Public Conversations Project: Who We Are Public Conversations Project (PCP) is a widely respected pioneer and thought leader in the field of dialogue design, facilitation and training. Its practitioners collaborate with groups and organizations to design constructive conversations through which relationships are transformed; healing is promoted where there has been costly conflict, and collaboration is […]
  • Request for Proposals Modeling Aspects of Sustainable Human Development The Advanced Consortium for Conflict, Cooperation, and Complexity (AC4) is soliciting proposals from across the Columbia University community to construct statistical, computational, or simulation models that operationalize and test the parameters of sustainable human development (SHD) described below. AC4 will provide seed funding of up to $10,000 to fund […]
  • Teachers College has received a restricted, endowed gift from Lida Orzeck to create a new $100,000 scholarship. The new fund, to be named the Lida A. Orzeck Scholarship Fund, will be used to provide scholarship assistance to students pursuing a doctoral degree in the Social-Organizational Psychology program. In recognition of Orzeck’s $50,000 gift, the College […]
  • Apply on the website: Advertised Summary Job Description Reporting to the Director of the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4)The AC4 Assistant Director coordinates the general operations of the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4). Duties and responsibilities include: 1) human resource coordination ; 2) budget monitoring and reconciliation; 3) […]

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