ICCCR Launches new Executive Education Initiative with Conflict Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of Conflict and Influence at Work, Oct. 17-18

Conflict Intelligence (CIQ):
Harnessing the Power of Conflict and Influence at Work

October 17 – 18, 2013
Teachers College, Columbia University
New York, NY
9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Workshop is limited to 15 attendees

Join us for this 2-day experiential workshop that stresses the importance for leaders of developing the capacity to adapt to be able to employ various strategies and tactics for conflict management effectively in organizations in order to marshal their potential energy and avoid pitfalls.

CIQ is a multi-level approach to addressing conflict that is: 1) focused and analytic – developing basic knowledge, competencies and skills in constructive conflict reflection, analysis, negotiation, mediation and evaluation, 2) broad and systemic – providing an understanding of the effects and non-linear dynamics of the wider context of conflicts, and 3) topical – offering leading-edge instruction on topics such as conflict and power, multiculturalism, injustice/oppression, intractable conflicts, creativity, healing, mindfulness and sustainable peace.

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